In our last post we took a closer look at Video Annotations. Now it's time to take a closer look at YouTube Channel Optimization.

YouTube Channel Optimization

Strategy Overview

Why It Works

How To Do It


Strategy Details

Channels appear on YouTube more often and in more varied placements than ever before. Optimize your channel for placement in search, related channels, browse channels and the feed so you’ll engage current and potential subscribers across YouTube.

YouTube Channel Name

YouTube Channel Description

YouTube Channel Icon

YouTube Channel Art

Associate your official website with your YouTube channel.

The home tab of YouTube channel pages can display videos in two ways: through Browse or Feed. The Feed view broadcasts channel activity to your subscribers.

In Browse, subscribed and unsubscribed viewers see different versions of your channel. The unsubscribed view is your first opportunity to convince potential fans to subscribe. 

Subscribed View

Unsubscribed View

If the channel trailer view is not enabled, unsubscribed viewers will just see your sections. (See below.)


Sections function as the main organizational tool for channels. They are seen on your channel’s Browse page and can be comprised of videos, playlists, or channels. Sections can help viewers make sense of your content, dividing it by theme, genre, show, or talent.

Video Sections

Playlists Sections

Channel Sections

Sections Best Practices

To annotate to a section from a video, use the click-through link for the section from your channel page and input that URL as an annotation.

Featured Channels

Related Channels

In our next post we'll take a closer look at Reaching All Audiences with closed captioning and the like.


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