In our previous post in this series we took a closer look at  Thumbnail Optimization. Now let's take a closer look at a YouTube unique feature: Video Annotations.


Strategy Overview

Why It Works

How To Do It


Strategy Details

Annotations are clickable text overlays on YouTube videos. Annotations are used to boost engagement, give more information, and aid in navigation. Be inventive! Producers are consistently finding new, creative uses for annotations. 

Common Uses

Controlling the text, placement, timing and link URLs are all in your hands. Get creative and optimize for the highest engagement!

Best Practices

Be creative! The annotation is a flexible feature that’s unique to YouTube – and there are still many uses yet to be discovered.

Spotlight Annotations

Most annotation types are self-explanatory. Spotlight annotations stand out because they allow creators to subtly create clickable areas within a video. The text only appears when a viewer hovers over it with the mouse; a light outline shows when the viewer’s not hovering. This is a great way to include unobtrusive but clickable annotations.

When linking to a video that you want to play within its playlist add “&list=playlist ID HERE” to the end of the URL.

InVideo Programming Annotations

Unlike regular annotations, InVideo Programming allows you to promote both your channel or any video on YouTube across all your uploads. Also, InVideo Programming annotations are the only type that currently work on mobile devices. How InVideo Programming works:

For more information on where to edit InVideo Programming visit the YouTube Help Center.

Example Uses:

In our next post we'll take a closer look at YouTube Channel Optimization.


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