It's no secret! We love video marketing here. Few other media provides as many opportunities to leverage and re-leverage value repeatedly. Over the years we've learned how to leverage video. Most of the points we will cover are not available in other resources. These are tips and tricks we only learned about through trial and error in many cases. So, we hope that this resource will provide some value. Over the next week, we'll be posting one part of this playbook every day. Your feedback is welcome either in the comments, or tweet the author @ainsleymuller.

The Value of Video

Video is a great medium to market to your clients. Not only does video increase brand value and legitimacy, but in an “A.D.D.” world where one minute on a website is an “eternity”, we have precious little time to reach and connect with potential clients. Video is a great way to accomplish this. Case studies over the years have consistently proven that the strategic use of video have consistently increased click through rate, engagement, and conversions.

In addition, video is a great medium for answering research questions. Questions that include “Where”, “What”, “When”, “How”, and “Who”. Interestingly search engines are placing a higher priority on research-based searches with the recent “Hummingbird” update. Greater emphasis is being placed on including research intent web pages in commercial intent SERPs. Clearly, the importance of all web properties having a research content strategy cannot be overstated. Video is a cost effective, scalable solution, but there is a specific set of steps to follow to ensure your website receives the appropriate credit for the video content you create.

Here is a brief overview of the individual steps you need to take to gain proper accreditation in the SERP’s for your videos. These steps will be elaborated on in detail in this series.

The Video Task Quick Checklist

In our next post in this series, we'll look at where to get started with: Research and Development for video content as well as tips for creating valuable content on a budget.

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