The Mobile Smartphone has been an essential business tool since its initial introduction in 1994. Over the years, countries (especially those in the developing world) have adapted their usage of mobile smartphones from a simple business tool into a primary connection to the Internet.

For example
Between 2000 and 2010 mobile smartphone subscribers in Kenya grew in excess of 500%* while Rwanda grew by 50% in 2010* alone. Results like this are common with most developing countries and will continue to rise into the future.

Lets look at a worldwide forecast


There’s no denying that browsing the internet on a mobile device is here to stay. It’s important then to understand the benefits this worldwide connectivity has for your business.

Is your online presence ready for mobile?

Ask yourself: Would the investment of going mobile, outweigh the benefit? It’s important to discuss options with an experienced developer. One who will review your websites analytical data and forecast your mobile trends.

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